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About Banta Landscaping

Banta Landscaping Corporation has been designing and implementing beautiful landscapes in northern New Jersey for more than 13 years. With our professionally trained staff and top-quality materials, you can expect the most distinguished service in Northern New Jersey. The Banta Landscaping team will work with you from conception to completion - meeting your needs and fulfilling your wishes along the way. Whether it's residential or commercial properties, Banta Landscaping will help your visions come to life!

Banta Landscaping serves over 300 residential homes and 50 commercial properties. We serve all of Northern New Jersey including Morris, Bergen, Sussex, etc. counties.

Making the Investment... and watching it grow!
If you're looking for a good investment, you need to only step outside your home. Studies show that professional landscaping provides the highest return on investment of any type of home improvement, with a 100 to 200 percent recovery value. Compare that to 75 to 125 percent for kitchen remodeling and 20 to 120 percent for bathrooms. What better reason to invest in your property now and enjoy the benefits of an enhanced outdoor lifestyle? In addition, 95 percent of the members of the Society of Real estate Appraisers say landscaping adds to property value, while 99 percent agree landscaping increases speed of home sales. Even more reason to make the investment: studies also found that poor landscape design can decrease property values by up to 10 percent. In addition to monetary gains, landscaping can provide the following benefits: